Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation will support our current projects. Projects you can donate towards:

Arts Super-Charging  Lake County’s Children

RAI is working with the schools to identify and fund the highest priority arts resources needed …we know the future needs creativity and innovation. Research is clear that robust arts in our school gives our kids that edge! Donate NOW to support the arts in our schools.

Arts Powering Lake County’s Economic Vitality 

Shaping Lake County as a premier Arts Destination can super-charge the local economy while protecting our resources and bringing our community together (read more).  RAI is going to make it happen!  Donate NOW  in support of two critical elements of that vision:


  • Mural Trail

Our permanent, unique arts attractions (key to an arts destination)  will be the Lake County Mural Trail . Your donation will support the cost of these murals.

(if want more info. click to page that overviews it in about us)

  • Arts Branding

Along  with our other attractions, Lake County has an extraordinary depth of arts and culture. To attract tourists and both people and businesses relocating, we are building a Public Relations, Branding and Social Media undertaking. Your donation will support this leading edge, professional and powerful campaign.