Christmas Tree Silent Auction



The Lake County Rural Arts Initiative has partnered with local artists to bring a unique flare to businesses in Kelseyville this Christmas. Prominent local artists will each decorate a Christmas tree with original art ornaments. These beautiful and realistic looking pine trees are adorned with lights and ornaments for use year after year.


The trees will be displayed in local shops from December 1st-14th and will be available through a silent auction donation. Place your bid on the form located at the base of each tree. The silent auction will end at the close of business on the 14th and winning bidders may pick up their trees on the 15th. Artists such as Ben Van Steenburgh, whose work is displayed in galleries across the nation, along with Bob Minuzzo, long time Lake County resident, who is regularly featured at galleries, restaurants, and wineries will be part of the participating artists.


For details on how to sponsor a tree and artist, please reach out to Amber Sheridan at 707-245-5432. All donations are tax deductible and will go towards investing in more Arts in School for our children and creating economic success for Lake County as an Arts


List of Participating Artists and Businesses:


        1. Terry Church – Smiling Dog Ranch Tasting Room
        2. Alicia Brisker – Polestar Computers
        3. Sharon Fenton – Fore Family Vineyards
        4. Ruth Stierna –  Shine Studio
        5. Amber – Oak Boutique
        6. Lyndy Steely – Oak Boutique
        7. Barb Flynn – Kelsey Creek Brewing
        8. Bob Minuzzo – Pivniska Realty  
        9. Lester Taylor – The Living Canvas Tattoo
        10. Ben van Steenburgh –  A&H General Store
        11. Childrens Museum of Art and Science –  Rosa d’Oro
        12. Jeanne Jesse – Transformations


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– Donate to Support our Brave First Responders and receive a



Lake County CA has been hit hard by terrible fires. Over 50% of our County has been burned! Though we are still a vibrant beautiful community, the Lake County Rural Arts Initiative, a non-profit organization, is raising money to support our Fire Departments whose resources have been depleted fighting these deadly fires.


With your tax deductible donation you will receive a print of the original painting “ONLY THE BRAVE” by local artist, Ben vanSteenburgh.  This painting pays homage to the courage of the men and women who stand against the raging fires (is also now a mural on our local fire station).


Many people who donate and receive the print of “ONLY THE BRAVE”, are giving them to their local fire stations. “We believe it is a tangible way to show our gratitude and honor their bravery” says Shelley Mincer from Pennsylvania



– Donate to our GoFundMe campaign to “Support Firefighters in Lake County” –

– The Art of Nick Hyde –

What is the Rural Arts Initiative (RAI)?

We believe it’s time to revitalize Lake County for the future, using the “arts” as a powerful catalyst that will also respect & incorporate our County’s history, unique resources and diverse culture.

Why?…. Lake County is the poorest County in California. It has a 25% poverty rate (28% for our local Native Americans) versus a national rate of 15.4%. More than 35% of our children are estimated to be living in poverty, considerably higher than the national rate of 21.3%. We have also been ravaged by fire over the last several years ….. 150,000+ acres burned.

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Lake County Shaping an Exciting Arts Destination

With its ancient lake, stunning night skies, amazing wine and agriculture, Lake County is already attractive as a destination; add arts and the adventure is complete!

Why arts?

Reminiscent of New York’s SoHo in the late 70s with its creativity and resilience, Lake County has a vibrant, robust and most importantly authentic arts scene where artists are starting to flock to its energy and affordable rents. For arts lovers, with its surprising depth of eclectic artists; fabulous writers, poets, performers and musicians; vintage theatre featuring our own theatre company and nationally know symphony; many galleries and art shows (we’re currently rebuilding the fire ravaged but amazing “eco walk” sculpture garden) there is something interesting to experience year round!


Rural Arts Initiative is burnishing this “hidden arts gem”

To ensure LC is destined to become a must visit place in Northern CA, Lake County Art Council has established the Rural Arts Initiative. The RAI team, pulling together the needed talents and expertise, is quickly adding the elements necessary to make this transformation. A first step is constructing a cool, on-line, interactive LC “Arts Directory” showcasing artists, arts spaces, arts events and arts sponsors to facilitate planning your arts experience. Along with that, will be an influential marketing campaign showcasing our luminous, surprising arts destination.

RAI is leveraging & showcasing LC’s special arts

To give our arts destination the necessary element of an art installation, RAI’s first project is a unique Mural Trail that expands on our amazing murals & talented muralists. This will be kicked off with a highly competitive mural contest. The contest will feature 5-7 muralists who will be chosen to compete by painting a Lake County themed mural on our “trail”. Each mural will be sponsored by a Premier Sponsor whose business champions LC’s bright future and whose sponsorship will also support an arts scholarship.


Bringing it all together

As RAI continues to partner with our other LC attractions, look for our tag-line…..dark skies, blue water, red hills….great arts! and, of course come visit!!

Projects in support of RAI

What we are working on…

To fulfill our mission, the Rural Arts Initiative has researched best practices and chosen the most impactful projects that can work together to provide the drivers needed for success:

Though there are two “tracks” Arts in School (children) and Arts Destination (economy) all the pieces are intended to work together to support current & future success for our County.

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